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Today I thought I'd contribute with a photograph from my place of work- well, ONE of my places of work anyway. I had a meeting at the Tower of London on Wednesday and brought my camera along to play tourist for the day!
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Postat av: Anonym

Bygninger gjør seg godt i sort og hvitt!

Og dette slottet ditt er perfekt!

Et virkelig flott motiv/bilde:)

2009-09-20 @ 16:17:21
Postat av: Aileni

A great picture - trouble is you have so many opportunities at a place like the Tower.

2009-09-20 @ 16:27:40
Postat av: Miranda

Oh I love this, so nice!!

Postat av: James

I like your photo of the beautiful and historic place. Nicely done.

Postat av: john

Great place to work, even sometimes, and a nice perspective on the Tower.

2009-09-20 @ 18:44:57
Postat av: Arya

The Tower byr på mange motiv, ja. Flott bilde!

2009-09-20 @ 20:40:03
Postat av: Kilauea Poetry

Your work? Wow, this is awesome! Nice photo-

2009-09-20 @ 22:49:29
Postat av: kden

Love the mono medieval look!

2009-09-21 @ 03:22:04
Postat av: magiceye

lovely perspective!

2009-09-21 @ 07:56:46
Postat av: Daryl

Lucky it was just a visit and not a sentence .. are the crows still there?

2009-09-21 @ 15:20:21
Postat av: This Eclectic Life

Is that a ghost in the window? What fun. I'm so jealous that you get to view architecture like this. And, I envy your ability with the camera. Wonderful shot.

Postat av: Regina

Wow. Love this!

Postat av: Calico Crazy

Gorgeous photo!

2009-09-22 @ 04:48:56

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