Not quite "Boots"...!

Had trouble selecting just one picture for today's mono. We spent the day in Winchester yesterday and there were photo opportunities everywhere! It's one of the most gorgeous cities I have ever visited. Instead of publishing a pic of the cathedral or the great hall, I settled for this:
The old apothecary...
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Postat av: Monica

häftig bild ;) gillar dom låderna

2009-09-13 @ 14:25:04
Postat av: Aileni

The abbreviations are amusing too. Good shot.

2009-09-13 @ 15:11:47
Postat av: Gry

I really like this! It just had to be in black and white.

2009-09-13 @ 16:02:45
Postat av: Miranda

I like it. I find too when I go for walks it's hard to decide which ones to pick.

Postat av: Sistertex

Very nice photo. The names are quite interesting as well. :)

2009-09-13 @ 17:46:01
Postat av: RuneE

Not quite the Winchester Cathedral - but extremely interesting in any case!

2009-09-13 @ 18:59:25
Postat av: Robin from Israel

Great shot, I love old pharmacies. I can't imagine having to get my medication that way though...

2009-09-13 @ 20:55:20
Postat av: Anne

So nice to hear about your trip.

Have to find out more about yhat city, yes.

Nice shot too...

2009-09-13 @ 21:24:14
Postat av: Regina

Cool one.

Postat av: drømmefangeren

Perfect bilde for mm, likte det kjempegodt

2009-09-14 @ 14:31:18
Postat av: Daryl

I am liking this a lot .. good choice

2009-09-14 @ 16:01:27
Postat av: Kilauea Poetry

This is neat- it is hard choosing sometimes- thats why I did a little series, ha-

2009-09-14 @ 20:30:18
Postat av: @nemonen

Ah kände väl igen namnen. Som gammal apoteksanställd blir jag riktigt nostalgisk av din bild. Snyggt jobbat.

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