We went on a daytrip to Shere- apparently one of the most photographed villages in Surrey due to its picturesque (and OLD) buildings and authentic village feel...
The beautiful 13th Century church provided me with plenty of camera opportunities, but my pick for Monochrome Weekly is this; The Millennium Stone with an inscription of "John Wesley's rule" carved around it.
Whether you're religious or not- I believe it's a wonderful rule to try and live by!
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Postat av: Silvia

By all means right! I love the sculpture.

2009-10-25 @ 16:04:38
Postat av: Elisabeth

What a fabulous capture...I love the carved stone...excellent.

Postat av: miriam

I liked that stone!! Beautiful! And the text was good!

2009-10-25 @ 19:32:34
Postat av: Kilauea Poetry

I agree..this was meaningful- terrific!

2009-10-25 @ 19:34:09
Postat av: Robert

Excellent memorandum! I like the column.

2009-10-25 @ 21:00:31
Postat av: Christine

Nice photo, good thoughts, interesting stone - how old is it?

2009-10-26 @ 07:53:05
Postat av: Calico Crazy

I really like the photo of the stone and those words, the ideals are so universal.

Postat av: Sistertex

Very nice, I really like the shot!

2009-10-26 @ 22:06:17
Postat av: shraddha

wow...unusual shot!

visiting via monochrome weekly

2009-10-26 @ 22:57:11
Postat av: Aileni

Wesley was an extraordinary man.

2009-10-27 @ 14:46:58

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