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Yesterday was spent at the top of Box Hill. The sun was shining and provided absolutely stunning views over the South Downs. We stumbled across an old fort built in the 1890's to protect London from possible European invasions...but fortunately it was never used...!
We also discovered this headstone in the middle of one of the paths at the top of the hill:
Major Labelliere apparently left instructions that on his death he was to be buried upside down on Box Hill, claiming that the world was topsy-turvy and he wanted to be right in the end...
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Postat av: Lene

I would love to visit this plase. The pictures are perfect in monochrome.

2009-10-11 @ 21:23:57
Postat av: Vita Stunder


Du har gjort det igen! Fullständigt ljuvlig svartvit magi!!

Jag MÅSTE till England snarast ;)

Ha en fin vecka

Kram Anna

Postat av: magiceye

wonderful images and amazing wish of Major Labelliere!

2009-10-12 @ 10:17:27
Postat av: Regina

Nice textures. Great shot!

Postat av: Aileni

By some odd circumstance, I missed you yesterday. Better late than never.

I wonder if the Major is any the wiser.

2009-10-12 @ 14:04:46
Postat av: Daryl

Strong stuff .. well done

2009-10-12 @ 16:49:22
Postat av: Mami Picture


Have a Great Day

~Rocío a.k.a."<a href="">Mamí♥Picture</a>"

2009-10-14 @ 16:06:24
Postat av: @nemonen

Ett mycket talande och fint bidrag!

Postat av: @nemonen

Ett mycket talande och snyggt bidrag!

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