The horror!

This salon is situated a few doors down from our flat. As I detest getting on the bus to have my hair cut in the nearest "biggish" town (and having to answer questions about my holidays and what I'm up to this weekend when I just want to be in and out!), I thought I'd try it out. At least I'd be about a minute's walk from my front door.
From the moment I walked in I realised I'd made a mistake...The chairs were solely occupied by the blue rinse brigade! As I had made an appointment I felt rude walking out so I went ahead. And I'm sorry to say I wasn't pleasantly surprised at all. I had more split ends coming out than when I went in! I ended up getting on a bus a few days later to have my hair cut again...
And no....I was far too polite to make a fuss. I'm becoming more and more English every day...;)
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Postat av: James

Well you did get a fantastic photo. I love the reflection!

2009-08-30 @ 17:56:26
Postat av: Aileni

Well. I won't be going there... goodness knows what they would do to my beard!

At least you got a great reflection pic out of it.

2009-08-30 @ 17:57:19
Postat av: Bokmalen

Nej, du gör nog rätt som inte går dit igen! ;) Men bilden är ju superfin!!! ;)

Kramen, Maria

2009-08-30 @ 18:10:20
Postat av: RuneE

Jeg slutter meg til Aileni - de hadde hatt problemer med skjegg...

2009-08-30 @ 20:21:15
Postat av: kden

I agree, at least you got a great shot out of it. Wonderful reflection.

2009-08-30 @ 23:43:25
Postat av: Lotta

Vilket place !!

Är det inte typiskt svenskt att inte gå o klaga på stället man är missnöjd med, utan säga det till alla man möter i stället ?!

Ha de gott, kram på dig !!

2009-08-31 @ 00:13:10
Postat av: Leslie

I guess when they say they're colour and perm specialists, they mean blue curly bobs. lol

2009-08-31 @ 01:55:36
Postat av: whatthefuckdotcom

Hahahah se det positivt, det kunde ha blivit värre... de kunde ha förgat dig blå ;). Vackert foto var det i alla fall :)

2009-08-31 @ 06:41:54
Postat av: Regina

Nice reflection!

Postat av: John

I guess sometimes you can tell a book by its cover.

2009-08-31 @ 11:26:42
Postat av: Pagan Sphinx

Yes, that is rather a nice photo. Too bad they can't do hair! ;-)

2009-08-31 @ 17:17:44
Postat av: Laila

Håller med ovanstående, att speglingen i fotot är super!

2009-08-31 @ 19:30:31
Postat av: Daryl

How sad but you did get a nice shot ...

2009-08-31 @ 19:44:36
Postat av: Dolly

Älskar fotot och det du skriver, men var är hippien och rebellen Bella som jag känner så väl!!!Lite svensksnål är du vällan!!1hehe

2009-09-01 @ 23:52:31

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