Big Bang update!

0924am (BST) Report from the LHC central control room
Beam has completed journey around tunnel.

0920am (BST) FROM Andrew Marr, Radio 4, in central control room
So, it's just after 9.15am and another round of applause in the CERN control room - possibly I heard the odd unscientific whoop too. Beams of protons are now three-quarters of the way round the 27km tunnel, at the most massive of the three cameras, Atlas, way ahead of schedule. It's going very well. One of the scientists who's been working on Atlas, Brian Cox (he of D:Ream and Things Can Only Get Better, once upon a time) is now predicting that they may be able to fire beams in both directions by the end of the day. (Eventually, of course, so some protons can commit suicide by charging into each other and revealing Big Things for the Higher Good.) But he's probably just over-excited.

0919am (BST) FROM Andrew Caspari, Radio 4, in central control room
Steve myers _ who is head of acceleration Is very happy but says its not as fast as another one 19 years ago but he knows it will get much much faster in the days and weeks to come. Big cheer as the beam reaches atlas which is the biggest detector .

0914am (BST) FROM Professor Brian Cox, in central control room
the beam has just gone almost all of the way around LHC in the last few minutes. I get the feeling that it's going better and certainly faster than expected. From the monitors here the beam looks like its behaving itself very well. I wouldn't be surprised if we have a go with the second beam before the end of the day !

So far so good!!


Professor Brian Cox har också spelat med Gary Moore och Europe.... It's a small world eh?


Postat av: whatthefuck

D:ream snubben!!!!! DÅ känner jag mej tryggare!!!! ;)

2008-09-10 @ 12:31:38
Postat av: whatthefuck

skojjar du me mäj nu? .... är det en musiker som leker med svarta hål???

2008-09-10 @ 12:32:14
Postat av: whatthefuck

Nääääääääää, nu ringer jag!!!!

2008-09-10 @ 12:32:34
Postat av: whatthefuck

du är oooond, jag skulle kunnat leva hela mitt liv... det som är kvar... i lycka ovetandes om detta GHA!!!

2008-09-10 @ 13:22:45

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