Hann inte lägga ut ett morgon-inlägg i morse och har ett fullt skrivbord på jobbet...så här kommer lite roligheter i stället!

Funnies by Jimmy Carr...

When someone close to you dies? Move seats.

No matter how much you give a homeless person for tea, you never get that tea.

I grew up in Slough in the 1970s.

If you want to know what Slough was like in the 1970s? Go there now.

When you eat a lot of spicy food, you can lose your taste.

When I was in Mexico last summer, I was listening to a lot of Michael Bolton.

I'm not saying Michael Jackson is guilty.

But if I was a billionaire paedophile, I'd buy a funfair for my back garden.

My girlfriend said she wanted me to tease her.

So I said, "All right, fatty."

Boxers don't have sex before a fight.

Know why that is?

They don't fancy each other.

If we're all God's children, what's so special about Jesus?

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.

So be careful at the next office Christmas party.

Throwing acid is wrong... in some people's eyes.

I went up to the airport information desk.

I said, "How many airports are there in the world?"

A lady with a clipboard stopped me in the street the other day.

She said, "Can you spare a few minutes for cancer research?"

I said, "All right, but we won't get much done."

I've got no problem buying tampons. I'm a modern man.

But apparently they're not a "proper" present.

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Goder morgon! En underbar tisdag har just börjat. :-)

Roligast igår var faktiskt att Sveriges U12-landslag vann matchen mot Serbien. På fredag är det semifinal mot England.

2009-06-24 @ 08:41:26
Postat av: OLESSIA


2009-06-26 @ 00:17:12

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